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Payment Options

Payment Options

Placing a monetary value for health care is an difficult but necessary consideration. Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment in the overall dental, medical, and psychological well being of children and adults. The average fee in this area of the country is about $5300 per comprehensive case. Our custom individualized fee is very competitive as most fees are around or less than this number. Our price structure is a bit unique as it is largely based on the American Board Discrepancy Index standard measure of severity of a given case. As such, your financial obligation will be based on the time and effort necessary to reach a board quality correction. We assure you that the high standard of care here is such that you will attain the best result in the shortest period of time with the least appointments possible (assuming parent/patient cooperation permitting!).

The value of early, or phase one treatment deserves special attention here. Controversy surrounding the need of such treatment, which is performed between the ages of 7-10 before all the permanent teeth have erupted in the mouth, is heavily debated amongst professionals and laymen alike (Read Orthodontics 101:Young children, for our philosophy). We will advise you if your child would benefit, thus reduce the severity of a more difficult (and expensive) developing malocclusion in the future.

Since we truly believe in only recommending early treatment in this instance, we submit to you the most fair financial offering possible: whatever you pay for early treatment, gets CREDITED towards comprehensive, or phase two treatment, if it is still necessary. In this scenario, the only one to benefit is the child. Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is!

Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining this important health service. For those with dental insurance, we accept assignment of benefits of all insurances, research and fill out the proper paperwork for you, so you get your maximum benefit. We also are preferred participating providers for many major insurers. Please call our office with your specific information and we will advise you of your benefits here. For those with co-pays or no insurance, we are sensitive to the fact that different people have different needs in fulfilling their financial obligations, thus we are providing the following payment options:

Option One (Capital One Healthcare Finance Plan)

No Initial Payment.

Fixed rates as low as 1.99% APR, depending on credit worthiness.

Payment plans ranging from 18 to 60 months with monthly payments as low as $100 that never go up.

One low monthly payment for multiple family members.

Prepayments can be made anytime without a penalty.

Fast, confidential service by phone or online.

Option Two (Articolo Orthodontics Plan)

No Finance Charges, 0% APR.

One third to one quarter of the fee is initial payment due to the office prior to date appliances are placed.

Remaining balance paid off through 18 to 20 equal monthly payments.

Five percent fee reduction if paid in full before appliances placed.

Five percent fee reduction for siblings.